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We chose the name of our countryhouse for Gavi DOCG. Produced by vinifying separately micro parcels of our vineyards, this wine is a direct expression of our territory and our style.



Gavi DOCG was born from the idea of representing the different characteristics of our vineyards and best express our winemaking style. Mapping the vineyards allowed us to identify the highest quality production areas, thus to vinify only the best grapes. This wine is produced with the best parcels of every single vineyard, vinified separately and then assembled. Grapes, harvested by hand, are destemmed and through soft pressing the flower must is separated. The must obtained is sent in insulated stainless-steel tanks, where, after a first clarification, it undergoes a cold fermentation with controlled temperature. Maturation continues in steel tanks working on the fine lees with periodic handling. This type of maturation gives body, softness and long finish and allows us to fully express the qualities of Cortese grapes. A fresh and elegant wine perfect both as an aperitif or paired with fish and white meat.

technical specifications

Wine classification: Gavi Docg

Variety: 100% Cortese

Production area: Novi Ligure

Vines per hectare: 5000

Training system: Guyot

Harvest: Manual

Vinification: Gavi produced from owned vineyards, by using the highest quality grapes from every single vineyard, vinified separately. Destemming and soft pressing with separation of the flower must. Clarification of must and fermentation in stainless steel tanks with temperature control. Maturation on fine lees in steel tanks.

Alcohol content: 13°

Service temperature: 9°C

Tasting notes: pale yellow color, fresh and mineral taste, good body and a long finish.

Pairing: aperitif, fish, white meat