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About us

Valditerra Vini wine company is located in the hills between Novi Ligure and Monterotondo. The estate has been owned by the Valditerra family since the 1950s.
The wine company
has been developed since the late 1960s, but it is Laura Valditerra that started a real wine production in the 90s.

Today it owns 12 hectares divided as follows: 5 in the municipality of Novi Ligure located in Cascina Rombetta, the wine company site, all cultivated with Cortese, another 5.5 hectares with Barbera in the municipality of Sarezzano, precisely in Fontanalbina farmhouse and 1.5 hectares with Barbera in Cassine.

Today, due to a generational change, the family business has been taken over by Laura’s nephews, Francesco and Emanuele who decided to concentrate their efforts on the production of quality bottled wines. Their work began with the wine production, thanks to the advice of the new oenologist Monica Rossetti and her redevelopment plan for the vineyards

The «animavitis» program started by mapping the vineyards, bringing precision viticulture technologies to vineyard management. The plan is coordinated by Monica herself, in collaboration with ARVAtec and SIRbit, both companies specialized in precision agriculture. The main concept of this proposal is well highlighted in the expression ‘wine is made in the vineyard’. This innovative program has been developed specifically for viticulture, applying fast, precise and low cost vigour maps. It outlines a detailed snapshot of the actual vineyard to define the most suitable technical approach for each specific area.

Vineyard mapping allowed the company to identify the highest quality parcels in order to separately vinify them. The process continues in the cellar where it has been implemented an organic approach in full respect of the territory and the available raw materials. The new corporate philosophy believes in a winemaking process in harmony with its terroir and its native vines. The winery carries out a non-interventionist approach with minimal oenological corrections to fully express quality and authenticity of its wines. 

Our wines can be purchased directly on site or in our stores "La cantina di Fra Lele" at Novi Ligure, Piazza XX Settembre 6 and Arquata Scrivia, Via Roma 132.